Using Geomorph Height Fields

Geomorph + MegaPOV 1.2.1, 2006

I recently discovered a great terrain generator for Linux: Geomorph. It’s a very simple tool, but has some very interesting features, like the rain and wind simulations.

I’ve created a setup derived from the Project Tierra, and made some experiments with photographic textures (from and MegaPOV feature warp{displace{}}, to modify the geometry of the Geomorph heightfield based on the rock textures and the slope.

I’ve had some headaches to match the displacement functions and the textures, but I’m finally getting there… the code will be ready in some days, I hope, but comments and criticism are still welcome.

Update 02/09/08

Finally, this experiment turned into a whole new technique to create isosurface landscapes based on heightfields, as the original idea with just heightfields didn’t work very well.