Cars Set

Wings3D + POV-Ray 3.6, 2005

I found a tutorial on modelling an Audi TT with Rhinoceros, and although the techniques where of not much use with Wings3D, I saved the car drawings to setup some image planes as guide.

From there I’ve totally improvised the techniques, using mainly extrusion, bevel and smooth. As you can see, I deleted the image guides very early, and the car only has the same basic dimensions as the TT. The wheels where not modelled with Wings, but with POV-Ray CSG and a height field for the cover. The sceneario is also done with CSG and the road is a hand-painted texture_map.

Later, I’ve modelled some more cars, added some better wheel covers, metallized paint, seats, and other details. Now the cars are 2-3MB in size (I’m really bad optimizing polygon count), an are detailed enough to be used as seconday objetcs in real scenes, so I released a set with all the meshes, some wrapping macros a demo scene… enjoy!