The Persistence of Ignorance

The Persistence of Ignorance is a gallery of computer generated images. I create these images with a Raytracer, a kind of program that uses a 3D technique called (obviously) Raytracing to obtain a picture from a virtual scene, previously defined.

There are many raytracing programs out there, most commercial, but I use only POV-Ray, an amazing and free raytracer, and his unofficial sequels MegaPOV, UberPOV and Hgpovray.

In addition to the galleries, the site contains some of the source code used to generate these, and also information about the techniques I often use. Finally, there is the almost mandatory links section with a few URLs related to POV-Ray.

Please send any request, comment, suggestion or criticism, about the images or the site, to jaime at ignorancia (dot org).

Thanks for the visit, and enjoy the images!

Site News

It should be obvious by now that I’ve abandoned my raytracing hobby, as I didn’t publish any new POV-Ray image since 2016… more than 6 years ago. I’ve been using POV-Ray still for some time, but for work purposes, until I found it was too slow for my impatient clients. So I changed to Unreal …

Site Reconstruction

Some weeks ago, the HD on the server for died. It was an old (2009) Mac Mini running Linux Fedora 11 (yup!), and it was very silent and efficient, but unfortunately it was also running a bit too hot, and finally the HD gave up. Thank God, I had backup copies… and up-to-date too! …