Sources Map

Some visitors complained about the sources being difficult to find, as they are scattered into the multiple galleries. So, here is a detailed list of all the sources on this site, organized by category:

Tools & Objects

Title Description Requires
Studio Lighting update Setups for studio-like lighting updated for 3.7 POV-Ray 3.7
Raining macros enhanced Thomas de Groot enhanced the rain macros POV-Ray 3.7
Ambient Occlusion Baking Illustrates how to use the new mesh_camera feature to bake an occlusion map for a mesh object POV-Ray 3.7
POV-Ray lightmapping helper Java tool which helps preparing a basic structure of POV-Ray files and a batch script which will allow to bake lightmaps from a POV-Ray scene POV-Ray 3.7
Camera (d)Effects Post Processing Postprocessing effects using POV-Ray 3.7
Bulb model Wings3d model of a classic bulb Wings3d
Construction cones Renders a typical Under construction image POV-Ray 3.6
hf2iso Heightfield-based Isosurfaces POV-Ray 3.6
Raining macros Used on the Raining scene (includes a simple demo scene) POV-Ray 3.6
Fabrics include to use ArahWeave fabrics with POV-Ray MegaPOV 1.2.1
Studio Lighting Setups for studio-like lighting MegaPOV .2.1
Alarm clock Clock modelled with Wings3D and offered as a POV-Ray macro POV-Ray 3.6.1
Citroen GS model A classic car modeled with Wings3D and offered in POV format POV-Ray 3.6.1
Wide-Gamut color spaces Wide-Gamut color spaces for LightSys POV-Ray 3.6
C. Hormann RSPDs Additional reflective spectrums for LightSys POV-Ray 3.6
Proceduralize Macro to proceduralize photographic textures POV-Ray 3.6
Cars Set My Wings3D cars packaged POV-Ray 3.6
SU2POV Lights Additional light spectrums for LightSys POV-Ray 3.6
Tierra 1 Random landscape generator POV-Ray 3.6
pHDRI pseudo-HDRI lighting for regular POV POV-Ray 3.6
Azulejos Ceramic tiles with functions POV-Ray 3.5
Lightsys 4b Lighting and color management macros POV-Ray 3.5
Bookplacer A macro to place rows of books POV-Ray 3.5
Tree macro Bonsai-like trees POV-Ray 3.1
Meshlathe Lathe to mesh converter POV-Ray 3.1
StSky Stacked planes technique to create clouds POV-Ray 3.1

Tips & tricks

Title Description Requires
EAGLE3D Tutorial Eagle3D Tutorial example files MegaPOV 1.2.1
CA2POV Plan Chief Architect Tutorial: plan POV-Ray 3.6
CA2POV Poseray Files Chief Architect Tutorial: Poseray export POV-Ray 3.6
CA2POV Final scene Chief Architect Tutorial: Final scene POV-Ray 3.6
Stacked coins Stacking some heightfield coins POV-Ray 3.6
Sea Example of sea isosurface POV-Ray 3.6
Waterglass Glass of water example POV-Ray 3.6
Rad-save-load Two-pass radiosity example POV-Ray 3.5
Fruit texturing II Fruit texturing trick translated to POV-Ray 3.5 syntax POV-Ray 3.5
Fruit texturing I Fruit texturing trick for apples MegaPOV 0.7

Complete scenes

Title Description Requires
The Cave A cave with stalactites and stalagmites POV-Ray 3.7
Grass after rain Dew on the grass POV-Ray 3.7
A Box of Oranges Just as collected on Valencian orchard POV-Ray 3.7
Pool Balls Media SSS experiments POV-Ray 3.7
Amazonas Amazonas river scene POV-Ray 3.7
Bamboo Simple scene with bamboo trunks POV-Ray 3.7 >RC3
Christmas baubles The baubles & garland created for the POV-Ray Christmas image MegaPOV 1.2
Town street The Town Street scene without the cars MegaPOV 1.2
The Kitchen My entry for the POVCOMP 2004 POV-Ray 3.6.1
Photo-texuring experiments Testing usage of photographic textures to achieve realism POV-Ray 3.6
Columns Classical columns: colosseum POV-Ray 3.6
The Office The average office POV-Ray 3.5
Patio Spanish patio POV-Ray 3.5
Boltstill Still life with bolts POV-Ray 3.5
Marjal Valencian marsh MegaPOV 0.7
Hotel Finally I've found my own radiosity settings MegaPOV 0.5
TVRoom This is not autobiographic! MegaPOV 0.3
Bonsai First scene with my own tree include POV-Ray 3.1g
Puerta Simulating wood with height_fields POV-Ray 3.1
Tubos A try to the rusty look POV-Ray 3.1
Barra A heavy test for my lathe-to-mesh macro POV-Ray 3.1
Persiana My first try with radiosity POV-Ray 3.1
Bodega I modelled I barrel and wanted to do something with it POV-Ray 3.0
Cafe Spanish alternative to the typical teapot POV-Ray 3.0
POV Accelerator Using an image_map for object placement POV-Ray 3.0
Visigoda Combined use of heigh_fields and material_maps POV-Ray 3.0
Castillo My very first realistic brick wall POV-Ray 3.0

IRTC entries

Title Description Requires
Asceta Jul-Aug-2002: Topic LONELINESS POV-Ray 3.5
Alchemist lab Jul-Aug-2001: Topic FANTASY & MYSTIC POVman 0.7
Caracol Mar-Apr-2001: Topic FORTRESS MegaPOV 0.7
Ruined Sep-Oct-2000: Topic LABORATORY MegaPOV 0.5
Sinking Jul-Aug-2000: Topic SEA MegaPOV 0.3
Caverna May-Jun-2000: Topic WILDERNESS MegaPOV 0.3
Night City Mar-Apr-2000: Topic CITY POV-Ray 3.1
Ruinas Jan-Feb-2000: Topic RUINS POV-Ray 3.1
Urban Tree Nov-Dec-1999: Topic GARDENS POV-Ray 3.1
Canyon Jul-Aug-1999: Topic LANDMARK POV-Ray 3.1
MSIW Jan-Feb-1999: Topic IMAGINARY WORLDS POV-Ray 3.1
Running Sep-Oct-1998: Topic WATER POV-Ray 3.0
Nevada May-Jun-1998: Topic NATURE POV-Ray 3.0
Blind Alley Mar-Apr-1998: Topic NITGH POV-Ray 3.0
Travieso Nov-Dec-1997: Topic CHILDHOOD POV-Ray 3.0
Camerino Sep-Oct-1997: Topic ART & ENTERTAIMENT POV-Ray 3.0
Vodu Jul-Aug-1997: Topic MAGIC POV-Ray 3.0
Ni idea Mar-Apr-1997: Topic SCHOOL POV-Ray 3.0
Abandonada Jan-Feb-1997: Topic GLASS POV-Ray 3.0
Butterflies Nov-Dec-1996: Topic FLIGHT POV-Ray 3.0
Laboratorio Sep-Oct-1996: Topic SCIENCE FICTION POV-Ray 3.0
Botijo Jul-Aug-1996: Topic SUMMER POV-Ray 3.0