I’m a Computer Technician from Valencia (Spain), who during many years was addicted to raytracing. It started as an “innocent” secondary hobby, but during some years I expent almost all my free time typing POV-Ray scenes.

I have first heard of raytracing when I was hooked doing stereograms, around 1994. Apparently, something called POV-Ray served to create the gray-scale images needed for stereograms. Then I remembered having such program on a CD… I searched trough my CD pile, and finally found it.

Well, as you can figure, I never more returned to do stereograms… but it still bothers me to have had POV-Ray 2.0 for almost two years on the shelve, just in front of me, without knowing what I was missing.

About the Site

The purpose of this site is to show my raytracing images, and also to promote raytracing art and the use of free raytracers, specially POV-Ray. If you’re wondering about the name of this site, it’s a sort of descriptive slogan of my creative process: trial & error (see section Work methods for a longer description).

Content Usage

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