Alphabet Blocks

Wings3D + Bullet Physics Playground+ POV-Ray 3.7, Sept-2012

Seems like this summer I got my inspiration on a games shop, but it’s just that ideas come linked together. After the pool balls and the dominoes, here you have some alphabet blocks which I put on Koppi’s Bullet Physics Playground, as it is my latest toy app.

Actually, this started as a test of some boxes falling, but evolved into this scene, where the texturing of the blocks got really complex, and it’s almost all I did. The base box was modelled in a hurry with Wings3D (to easily get some bevelled borders), and the letters are text objects added dynamically with a macro (with random texturing for each call, of course). The fonts used were downloaded from UrbanFonts.

At the end of the page you can see that I even dared to create an animation with these blocks. Apart from setting up a simple room environment, all I did was adding some trigonometry to the camera transformations to get a “not-too-mechanical” movement.